• Since the institution of Alzawahed Est. guards and security services is always live up to the level of services provided by the ideal in terms of performance and outstanding location for all of the Kingdom's keenness to cooperate with the permanent installations of the Department, which oversees it, which led to the development of its members to cover all sites of high quality, which our people to accommodate group wide range of important facilities, thanks to God and thanks to the competencies of trained and qualified to perform security services, which to our chagrin, and the specificity of the knowledge, discipline and shoulder the responsibility entrusted to us from the tasks to the satisfaction of our customers, including:
    • to secure and cover all of the sites after the inspection and to provide them with security guards (men) - the security guards (women) - observers - supervisors in addition to the Office of Operations, which is administered over 24 hours and provide the client device (Bravo) for their comments and address them with the Office of Operations and provide the same sites are also full body coverage and filling gaps in addition to patrols around the site to help to control the site and individuals.
    • Carry out insurance and full coverage of all the events, who established to provide for that.
  • Action to hold periodic meetings to discuss the progress of work and observations to resolve the negative and addressed.
    • The organization of road traffic in the internal and external to the business and the organization of attitudes and plans in collaboration with the Department of soft traffic if necessary to do so.
    • Immediate use of the records of the site and cooperate in the selection of personnel for security services unique and effective ...
    • Alzawahed Est. in cooperation with its customers in the selection of dress which distinguishes established if necessary.
    • Free to preview the sites and the training of guards on how to develop the necessary plans to cover all contingencies and stable.
    • Classified Alzawahed Est. of the leading institutions of higher efficiency in the performance of the duties of security, safety and security services allocated to the grace of God and thanks to the Department qualified and

    Accordingly, we look forward to cooperate with you in all locations, to provide security services out of our desire to protect your sites through the supervision of the integrated follow-up and accurate and trained personnel, and your confidence in our mandate of this task is motivated to provide the best we have, and it was honored and pleased that we have to provide security and guard services to you confirming the submission of Ames services and for more information please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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  • Mobile  : 00966542370702
  • Phone   : 00966583022221